• It has a complete set of design, production, trade and after-sales one-stop service system. We specialize in the production of impactors and drill bits. Our main products include high air pressure impactors, high air pressure drill bits, eccentric drill bits, concentric drill bits, threaded drill...
  • "WONTECH" rock drilling tools can effectively cooperate with the work of rock drilling rigs, with straight holes, wear resistance and impact resistance
  • "WONTECH" possesses core technology and has rich practical experience in drilling geothermal wells and water wells. Specially formulated drill bits and impactors have the advantages of corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The tooth surface layout is reasonable and the drilling process is not...
  • WONTECH large-diameter pile foundation rock drilling tools provide equipment support for large-diameter pile foundation holes on construction sites
  • Whether it is granite or marble, for stones of different hardness, the "TOOLSTAR" brand mining wire saw machines produced by BETO have suitable models to meet your needs. Combine it with a dedicated mining diamond wire saw to maximize your cutting efficiency
  • "TOOLSTAR" has a complete set of stone processing and cutting equipment, whether it is block trimming and shaping or special-shaped cutting, especially large slab cutting, "TOOLSTAR" is the industry leader
  • The specially formulated and proven "TOOLSTAR" steel-concrete rope has high cutting efficiency and durability for high-standard steel-concrete cutting of bridges, bridge piers, beams, etc., and has a high reputation in the industry.
  • It is specially designed for cutting brittle and hard crystal materials. The product has no solder joints, high baseline strength, high cutting efficiency, small kerf, and low material loss.