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BETO holds 2023 annual safety and environmental summary meeting

BETO holds 2023 annual safety and environmental summary meeting
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BETO successfully held the 2023 annual safety and environmental meeting in the training room on the first floor of the headquarters from 15:00 to 16:30 on January 22, 2024. This meeting brought together a total of 58 people including heads of departments, supervisors, and team leaders to review the safety and environmental work of the past year and look forward to the work plan for the new year.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Yu Jinbo, the safety and environmental supervisor, gave a detailed introduction to the completion of various responsibility indicators, safety and environmental training, hidden danger rectification, special equipment management, environmental protection management and other aspects of the company's two factories in 2023. He also gave a detailed introduction to 2024 The safety and environmental work plan for the year was reported. He pointed out that despite facing many challenges, the company has still achieved remarkable results, ensuring safe production and meeting environmental protection requirements. He emphasized that these achievements are inseparable from the day-to-day safety propaganda and implementation of the safety officers, various strict daily inspections, and the hard work of every employee.

Subsequently, Mr. Tang Huide, Director of the Safety Committee, signed a safety responsibility letter with the ministers of each department. And issued work instructions: in 2023, with the joint efforts of everyone, the safety and environmental work goals have been basically completed; in 2024, safety work is required to be strict and practical, pay attention to details, and implement the safety production responsibility system for all employees; safety rectification is implemented in place and safety is clearly defined The 7 major responsibilities of managers and the responsibilities and obligations of employees. I encourage you to continue your efforts in 2024 and strive to reach a higher level.

This meeting not only summarized the safety and environmental work in 2023, but also pointed out the direction for the company's future safety and environmental work. BETO will take this meeting as an opportunity to further strengthen internal management, improve employees' awareness of safety and environmental protection, and strive to achieve the company's sustainable development goals.


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