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TOOLSTAR Stone Cutting Tools and Equipment Strive Again for the 23rd China (Nan'an) Shuitou International Stone Expo

The 23rd Shuitou Stone Expo and Stone Design Week is about to be launched, with a super large exhibition scale, a wide range of stone industries, stone enterprises with their own strengths, and a wide range of stone categories. In just four days, we have a full supply of dry goods!
Are you really ready to comprehensively understand enterprise information and quickly find your desired products during exhibitions?
In order to provide a better viewing experience for everyone, the Shuitou Stone Expo has launched a new series of "Exhibitor Recommendations" to help you have a happy shopping experience and buy with confidence!

This issue introduces Changsha BETO New Material Technology Co., Ltd. With great ambition and strong strength, BETO has poured its passion into its products to create its own flagship product. It is worth expecting that BETO will debut at the 2023 Shuitou Stone Expo with its "TOOLSTAR" brand rope saw and rope saw machine.


Building Centennial BETO Connecting Global Customers

Booth No:D9

Changsha BETO New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as BETO) is a technology oriented new materials private enterprise located in Ningxiang Economic Development Zone, Changsha City, Hunan Province. The factory covers an area of nearly 40000 square meters, employs more than 800 people, and has five overseas subsidiaries, including Brazil, Russia, Chile, South Africa, and Spain. Its products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions worldwide. We specialize in providing safe, environmentally friendly, and efficient solutions for industries such as stone, concrete, ceramics, glass, gemstones, silicon crystals, and semiconductor chips.

Craftsmanship quality, pursuit of excellence
In BETO's body, there is always a strong sense of perseverance, which is to "drill through each line"; It is the driving force of "full of enthusiasm and vigor"; It's the hard work of 'a thousand hammers make one thing'. With this drive, BETO has developed products including hard and brittle material cutting tools and equipment such as diamond wire saws, cutting heads, and wire saw machines. It also includes downhole drilling tools suitable for various purposes such as pile foundations, water wells, and blasting holes, and owns famous trademarks such as "TOOLSTAR" and "WONTECH".
From research and development to manufacturing and testing, precision lies behind strict production standards; Behind the quality lies the meticulous treatment of products; Behind the high efficiency lies the unremitting perseverance of hundreds of people! Shijie has its own storm, in which BETO continuously optimizes its products, bases itself on quality, explores the unknown, and creates excellence.

Striving for excellence and achieving perfection
In the field of stone cutting, the "TOOLSTAR" brand rope saw, rope saw machine, and blade head have a high level of popularity and reputation, and their production and sales have long been at the forefront of the industry. Customer recognition comes from trust in the product, and this trust comes from BETO's continuous research and development investment, which keeps the company's technical level far ahead of its competitors. Especially the steel mixed rope saw and combination rope saw have reached the international advanced technical level, and the technology of the large plate cutting combination rope saw machine is leading in China, with production and sales reaching the top three in the world.

BETO has been deeply involved in the stone cutting industry for nearly 20 years, and cannot do without the recognition and trust of our customers. Only by using products with higher cost-effectiveness and services that exceed customer expectations can we repay our customers and help them produce more high-quality stones. From November 8th to 11th, BETO will showcase the company's latest products at Shuitou. We welcome new and old customers to visit booth D9 for inspection and exchange.